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Roar Cycle - Jan 2020

Redefining Aesthetics of 
Bi-cycle App   

User Interface
Visual Design
Responsive Design

Roar cycle is an venture which sells Bi-cycle and accessories associated with it. They have both Application and an website with visually pleasing user interface. Design makes the user interface much simple and attractive.

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Myntra Runway - Apr - 2019

Exploring the idea of 
Fashion on Wheels

Master's Project
User Research
Visual Design
User Interface
User Experience

Myntra Runway is e-Commerce add-on made for myntra, this connects online and retail shopping of merchandise. This newly designed platform helps in developing a better exposure of market for various brands and enhancing customer to brand interaction. 

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AQUA - Feb - 2021

Designing an Ecosystem
to Save Water

User Research
User Experience
User Interface
Visual Design
Product Design

The topic of water scarcity has become a sensitive issue to our planet and it requires proper expression, that is yet to be seen amongst the human beings. It is a right to life that needs to spread and diffused by all. 


A tool designed to nurture kid’s financial planning 

Coming Soon