Namaste !

I'm Amith H R

I am a Creative Designer, having Master's Degree in Design.

I expertise in User Experience design, User Interface design, Motion Graphic Design and Product Design. My designs are made of thoughtful expression with a combination of design, business and marketing.


My Story

I’m an Indian, born and bought up in Bangalore.

Currently, I'm residing in Bangalore, where I’m working as Lead Designer for Surebot Technology Solutions. I've been a creative human being from the day my mother gave me color pencils and crayons to play with. 

From the spring time of my life, I always wanted to stand different and stand tall. I was encouraged even more when I was awarded as the Best leader in my 10th grade. From then on I have been an initiator at different stages of my life and I have cultivated my communication and leadership skills through presenting my work to technical and non-technical audiences.


Being an undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Design, my thought process has always been creative and innovative. Being a design student, I always want my life to be aesthetically driven, hence I always looked for opportunities where I can use design to solve the problems around me. I love to develop digital experiences with the superpower combo of design, animation, and videos.

When I am not designing, you can find me talking about cinemas, Cricket and love to convert few in the basketball court. I am person who enjoy the journey more than the destination, so hit me up any time for road trip (FYI: I need to be free though)

Goals & Ambition


Coming from a country where there is abundance of creative energy but quiet often they are failed to channelized them in right direction. Born and bought up in a middle class family I have seen many of my cousins and friends being forced to opt for a path which they are not interested in. I feel this is one of the main reasons why a country this vast has failed to create an impact in design field. This is where I wanted to stand different , I wanted to study design, I wanted to solve problems using design. 


This dream always hits me more often, dream of building a “School of Creativity” for the talented and the misfortune. . A school where classes are made based on each individual's passion, a school where you don't study books rather solve problems. I know its huge but i have never lost confidence.    

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“Design is the intent behind 
  the outcome—so be intentional”

My Principles 

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Design Process is not just about methodologies, but it is also knowing when to use a tool. 
Each step in a design process should be connected, it should define the need of the net step. This is where i use my principles, each step is valued based on the following principles 

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My Process 

Every project will undergo a basic process-how different might be the result 

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A. Define

I usually start my project by defining the problem, identifying the needs, fixing up timelines, project requirements and expectation of the client. This is when understand your role when working in a team . 

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C. Explore

In the exploration phase, I will have a better idea as to what are the user needs. I define the user personas, identify competitors, understand the market and consumer, prepare story board, chock out the road map and revisit the problem statement.  This phase is the foundation of a successful project. 

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E. Prototype

As a designer I get my high fidelity design ready in this phase. This phase helps me have better understanding of how the final product would look.

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B. Research

This is the phase where I spend lot of time understand the user by talking to them, exploring, conducting interview, questionnaires. This helps me create a user report and understand  space of the user.

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D. Ideate

This phase excites me more as I get to use my full potential. I brainstorm my ideas on paper and sometimes use a graphic tablet to get low fidelity wire-frame/models for better understanding. This phase helps my mind go wild and bring out numerous solutions. More the option better the result.  

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F. Test

Once the high fidelity model are ready, I tend to test them by giving it to the a set of users, where I make note of pain points, look and feel, and overall experience of the user. Get back and try to correct them, based on the user feedback. 

What tools do i use ?

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I use miro to during research phase for card slotting, stick notes, etc

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Adobe Photoshop

I use photoshop for

editing photos and 

use graphic tablet

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Adobe Illustrator

I use illustrator for

creating vectors, characters and logos

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Adobe XD

I use XD to create UI designs along with rapid prototypes.

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Adobe After Effects

I use AE to create complex animations, explainers and video templates

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Autodesk Alias 

I use Alias to create surface modelling 

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DS Catia

I use catia to create solid modelling

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I use keyshot for realistic rendering of models

Education & Experience 


Master's in Design

M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences 


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University Gold Medal

Bachelor's In Mechanical Engineering 

Kammawari Sanga Institute of Technology(KSIT)


Go-kart, Supra, ISRO Internship

Pre-University & High School

St. Joseph's 


Best Leader Award, State Level Basketball



Creative Head



UX/UI Designer


Lead Designer