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The topic of water scarcity has become a sensitive issue to our

planet and it requires proper expression, that is yet to be seen amongst the human beings. It is a right to life that needs to spread and diffused by all. 
The aim of this project was to solve the problem of domestic consumption
of water and the possibility to know, as well as monitor and control the use of water   

- Every Drop Matters 



Jan-Apr 2021


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Self Project



The topic of water scarcity has become a sensitive issue to our planet and it requires proper expression, that is yet to be seen amongst the human beings. It is a right to life that needs to spread and diffused by all.

Knowing the essentiality of water , why are people falling to preserve this available asset ? the answer to this question is user's inability to know his/her consumption in a timely and direct manner. From the observation this can solved using technology of "Internet of Things".  There is a need for device that can report the consumption in a simple yet effective manner.

A device which can be modular design , so that it can be attached to the existing water ecosystem and an interface was developed which can be installed among the household , giving the possibility to know consumption of water at different location and time.  



Though water is the most precious and abundant element on earth, there is scarcity for the drinking water around the world. For almost fifty year, planets drinking water level as reached disarming degradation. This creates a problem for most of the poor countries. 

According to a recent study nearly one billion people, that is equivalent to three times the population of United States of America, live without drinking water. Limited supply of drinking water and improper sanitation are the cause of 80% of the diseases in the world. 

At the current consumption rate, this situation will only get worse. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. And ecosystems around the world will suffer even more. 

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It is estimated that from 1960, world has been consuming more water than last three centuries.  One might think the reason behind this could be the increase in population, but that not the sole reason. About 9% of overall water consumption is used for drinking and other domestic purposes. 
These kinds of consumption are growing day by day, besides drinking, water is being used for cooking, cleaning, irrigation of gardens, vehicle washing and more., Along with these , huge amount of water are being used in commercial and industrial purposes. 

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America consumes the highest amount of water for its Industrial use with 221kmcube/year, followed by china with 162kmcube/year. 

Unfortunately we humans are too much used to the concept that water is free in nature with no economic value and abundantly available.


After completing the research, I transferred my ideas into digital sticky notes to identify the possible things that can be given to the user along with solving the problem.

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Ideation (Lo-Fi Design)


At this stage of analysis, I revisited collected data to find patterns and pain points . I grouped the notes by themes to identify design opportunities. 
My goal was to take many ideas and by performing the same type of clustering as before, narrow them down to just a few ideas. 

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I divided my overall solution into two, Device and UX/UI. Then I started adding the extras under these two main divisions. This made the solution to be precise and simple. 
After knowing the complete structure of solution I started digging in by solving each branch of the tree.   

Ideation of Technology

I am no electrical engineer , hence I reached out to few of my engineer friends and understood the technical aspects my device might need. This helped me to dissect by device and design a more modular and compact device. 

It was also important for me to research on IOT(Internet of things) part my project, which involved in sharing the information gathered by the device to the user. 
I came up with two ideas , 
one was having each device connected to the HOME WIFI and adding the device manually into the AQUA Application. 

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Second was, having a HUB setup in each floor of the house, having each devices connected to HUB through Bluetooth. 

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Idea 1 was more favourable when you having multiple devices or a store building/Corporate setup.I went with first idea considering the user has a single device at his house

Ideation of device

I always knew my product is going to be an secondary device or an attachment to the existing ecosystem of faucets. Hence I had to design a product which is modular.

The product consisted of a aerator, which is simple device present in almost all the faucets, it mixes the water flow with air, which shortens the amount of water flow from the tap. I always knew my product is going to be a secondary device or an attachment to the existing ecosystem of faucets. Hence, I had to design a product which is modular.

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The product was also equipped with a Bluetooth and a WIFI adapter so it can interact with devices through a dedicated mobile application. Another interesting feature about the device is its ability to inform the user on the amount of water that is being flowing out of the faucet in live time. A flow sensor that could transfer the information collected into a small Strip of LED connected in the bottom of the device would indicate the quantity of water followed. Three Colours (Green, yellow and Red) representing the different qualities of water was adopted. A small lithium polymer replaceable battery was equipped inside the device in order to power the LED strip. 
After a lot of research for the material of the device, aluminium and tempered glass were used in most part of the device. It was selected because of its lightness and its resistance to impact and corrosion. 


I had to Concentrate on the function of the device as well as the aesthetic of the product, it was important that both were given importance in the concept generation. 
Concept were created Huion Graphic tablet and  

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AQUA-G is for the faucet's with aerator, this replace the existing aerator , can be attached easily by threading mechanism   

AQUA-X is for the faucet's without aerator, this can be attached over the faucet's mouth by tightning the screws provided.   


Three Colours (Green, yellow and Red) representing the different qualities of water, Green representing least quantity used , yellow representing medium quantity and red representing quantity used beyond the limit


User Experience and Interface


After understanding what problems we are interested in solving, an ecosystem was structured with a physical device to support it. Now its time enhance the ecosystem by design an user interface that further simply the problem and provide a solution. 

Since the Interface involves a lot more features , I built a flow diagram that will help us make sure we have a solution for each of them.


At this point, I translated the steps from the flow into scratching screens. I was still at the layout level and did not go down entirely to the details just so I could understand what each screen contains and how to move from one to the other


After the general idea was formulated in the sketching, I moved on to the wireframes phase. At this point I concentrated only on the functionality and usability of the app, the goal is to create an intuitive experience with as pain points as possible

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Aqua is an innovative, technology driven application for an water ecosystem. I tried to reflect these through the choice of colors, elements representing water and single bold emblem style logo. Whenever i design a logo my approach is, i want the logo to be memorable, and it also should give hints to what the app is trying to showcase.


Color System


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Logo Brainstorming 


Concurrent with the branding phase and Color scheme, I started finding inspiration and design elements for the design of screens. Since the App is related to water and energy saving, I had come up with theme which invokes the feeling of water and energy. Since the App contains numerical information, i had convey the design in such way its both aesthetically pleasing and simple to understand at the same time. I collected such examples and together with the right choice of colors and topography, I started to design the screens.


This section, helps the users by providing a short introduction of the application and directs them to the Login/Signup Screens. New user has to undergo a process of creating an AQUA account by filling up few questions.  



This screen is the heart of the app, hence I had to put in a lot of effort to make it look aesthetically pleasing and serve its main purpose of providing the daily total consumption of the entire house. I have maintained the a common water theme throughout the app by using water elements for the background and the colour of the icons in the bottom navigation bar. 
Speaking of navigation bar, it is the starting point of three different paths, one being the HOMESCREEN, second is the HISTROY, where past days consumptions are listed and final one is the MANAGE CONNECTION, where user can add/remove new device to the ecosystem and view the individual device consumption.
On the top left corner of the screen, has link to view the Profile screen/Menu screen of the app. Right corner of the home screen has a payment , which leads to payment screen. 
I have followed three colour system to represent different level of water consumption , that is Green, Yellow and Red

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Manage Connections

The user has to go through a simple process to add a device into the ecosystem. This lets user know the daily consumption of each device individually. The user can specify the area of the device by giving a name and icon of their choice. One can verify whether the devices are connected and know there battery status easily. 

Consumption screen

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User can track there water consumption on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Data of each device has been shown individually in order to help the user identify larger consumption area in the house and plan their routine accordingly. Weekly and monthly data has been presented graphically for the user to understand easily, this also helps the user compare water consumption over a period of time and make the required changes in their water usage habit .

Other Screens


Conclusion & Future Work

"There is no guarantee that we will be successful in what we are doing but if we don't try, undoubtedly we will fail"

AQUA was a project that was made for an important cause, " Save water ". As humans it is our responsibility to take care of each and every element on earth. Water being one of the most essential element of the human life and thinking about its future path makes me frantic and at the same time responsible.  A true designer is the who takes care of his/her surrounding by designing a better and more sustainable environment, i have done the same with Aqua 

AQUA, both as project and a product has the scope to be made much more accessible and adaptable to the user. A research can be done on how to recharge the batteries using the water flow and the design of the product can be brainstormed to be modular and easy for the user to install. My further work will involve the above points in bringing out AQUA 2.O soon.


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